Review of AL RYAN POLYCLINIC- Al Rayan Hospital

Review of AL RYAN POLYCLINIC- Al Rayan Hospital
today i called AlRayan Policlinic to book an appointment with the Dentist.
the arabic speaking receptionist started abusing and used bad words while i ask the exact time i should take an appointment. she simply told me to come and wait from 05:30 evening.
i call for appointment no one pick the phone
I came with my friend today evening he is sick
Doctor suggest need injection
So we went to the place where other sister is giving injection
So with patient I also went inside the one compounder said just by his hand action u seat out so I went out and seat.
Then other Philippinos old lady so rudely saying go out n seat I said ur colleague said seat here then the way she is it’s so bad.
This is not a way to talk to the people
Yeah we are poor came to this country to work but the way she is saying it’s so bad.
I don’t know her name
But just I m righting here that someone should teach her that she should respect people.
I never accept like this from al rayan
And there is no any patient all empty they are chatting in mobile and each other so it’s not that mean it’s so crowded and she is bzyy nthng .
If u can check camera pls check u will come to know
All details is below :
Name : Yousuf Shareef Ahmed
Time : 1:06 am
Insurance: bupa - 8003

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